A Love Letter

Dearest One,

I am glad you’ve chosen to continue when you did not feel like it.  I am joyful that the persistent beating of your heart reminds you of why you are here.  I am blessed by your faith and trust in The Universe even though there have been times when you felt like giving up.  I am amazed by the tenacity that you show daily.  I am in awe of your ability to push through the ‘tough stuff’ and grow.  Every day, you make me thankful you were created…you are loved beyond measure! ~ Creator

14 thoughts on “A Love Letter

  1. mlomarijoe says:

    Wow! This means a lot. I Truly resonate! Thanks

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  3. Daisywhite says:

    Everything is because of love.

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    Persevere…every day we are closer to shifting this paradigm for the better!

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  6. Bota28 says:

    absolutely love this… yes, there were many days when it was easier to give up than to hang in there…Something told me it was important I keep going and this letter just reiterated that…. Blessings…:-)

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  8. Pocahontas says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. ❤

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