Great Changes

Are you ready?  All the work you and I have been doing up to this point has been in preparation for great changes coming to your Earth plane.  It is important to keep your thoughts and actions focused on the positive and know that you will be taken care of.  Some of the experience may be bumpy and uncomfortable, but the end result will be worth the time and effort! ~ Creator


17 thoughts on “Great Changes

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  3. George says:

    Yes,be positive for every difficulty you meet, and then it
    won’t be so difficult.
    Thank You.

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  6. Enemy says:

    Not me, I’m your Enemy.

  7. Kathryn says:

    This morning I felt like I had been (zapped) energized and then then all of a sudden I was having (felt like) really low blood sugar moment and a hot flush. My co worker had to take over my job till I came right. Next I was back to normal. I am putting that down to the changes. I told my co-worker it was a hot flush as she would have given me the look if I had told her it was a download or similar.

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