Now is the time, my dearest, to be gentle with yourself.  Many, many, changes are coming to your Earth-plane, uncertainties abound and make it challenging to keep a clear head and loving heart.  Keep in mind that your society, as a whole, is re-balancing and may appear to be chaotic…at best.  (Smiling)  Do your best to stay as centered as possible and know that all will be well. ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “Chaos

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  4. Enemy says:

    That’s why were’re imprisoned here, right Demiurge? to let chaos prosper.

    Don’t worry about me, I’m quite immune to all of that.

  5. says:

    ❤ I find solace in this. C

  6. Ashtara says:

    Reblogged this on by divine-design and commented:
    Confirmation of my Blog Insights yesterday…

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