Some of you may be experiencing a clearing of sorts.  Memories of the past may come barreling down on you like a freight train, catching you completely unaware.  Do not be disheartened by this, beautiful one.  The memories and the triggers that follow are necessary for further growth.  As painful as it is in the moment, know that in the next one, it will change. ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “Clearing

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  2. Love says:

    Hello Creator.Why my life is so uncertain and hard? I fell like my life is ended cause i do not see a light out of me….only pain,suffering and hopeless…but i know that i am love and joy and peace but in my arounds the people do not feel like i, peace,perfeccion and all is what it must be.Help me Creator,send me your words of hope.Thank you!☺

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  5. in fact – this is the moment that we’re living
    and it’s good received your message
    because help US to go one!

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