Your Way, Your Choice

Your Earth-plane existence is full of choices.  You can choose to make things easy and effortless or challenging and bumpy.  Regardless of which way you choose, you will always reach an end-point conducive to those choices.  It has always been my wish to make it as graceful as possible, however, you have the free will to make your life exactly what you want.  This blessed gift can never be taken from you.  Use it wisely. ~ Creator


36 thoughts on “Your Way, Your Choice

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  3. Pod says:

    What a pile of bullshit masquerading as spiritually enlightened knowledge.

    • Thank you for your comment! You have a choice NOT to read. Many blessings and much love to you! ❤

      • Pod says:

        Well, it was posted to a website that I moderate. I challenge your writings there and I challenge it here, I followed it back to it’s Source.

        Seriously, you may well be a wonderful healer…..but this crap about free will? These esoteric structures only work if they work for everyone. So, are you saying that people in Syria, being bombed have everything at their disposal to change their lives. Are you saying that the people of Gaza can change their lives?

        You do not make a disticntion between soul and ego. Your words are not loving…..they judge because in that short paragraph you inferred that if people are unhappy, it is their fault.

        I do not believe for a minute that you are in touch with the Creator becaue your words are limiting and arrogant.

        Do I sound pissed off? Bet your arse I do, but then I am not pretending to be in touch with the Creator.

      • Thank you for your comment! Much love! ❤

    • All of the other Scottish women I’ve met have been very open-minded and loving. I wish the same for you. ❤

    • God says:

      Lol,you are so funny hahaha.i think that all that happen us is made for us before birth.We came for a purpose and it make sound not so good for the flesh and bones but for the souls after death of the body,maybe it has an explanation.Some ones have the answers in this body and other when they leave this planet.

      • Well, OK then. Have a beautiful rest of your day. ❤

      • ….and thank you for expressing your belief systems so eloquently. You are truly blessed. ❤

      • God says:

        My last comment was for pod 🙂

      • Pod says:

        Hey God,

        You do not have to be dead to be in touch with your soul energy. Many of us are now living from our soul energy. You want to now what it is like? You are life happening.

        However I am in my ego energy right now because I get pissed off with people like Jennifer and her bullshit about choice.

        So I thank you for taking the time to reply, keep it up. Tell me, are you life happening or does life happen to you?

      • Love says:

        Well, i do not have a specific belif system ,as you say we can change with every breath we take.I have read many canalizations of ascended beings like jesus christ,archangels and many other masters and all i have learned is love and peace.No matter what happen,we always have the decision to feel what we want and whatever we choose,we are always love for the Creator,the All and Nothing,God,whatever we want to call it.All is love and always all we be love.Thank you and many blessing to all the existence.Love and bless and peace for All and Nothing haha.Bye! Haha. 🙂

  4. Diego Rondón Zapata says:

    I read your writings everyday.Thank you.Whitout your words i feel like i am going to suicide but i do not do it cause it cause me pain.Only for that feeling of hurt and pain i do not suicide.I just hope God,love,the creator have a future for me cause i dont want to die but i dont want to live this life of slave no more.Thank you for read me creator,i love you always forever and ever.

    • Diego, you always have and always will have a place in Creator’s heart! Thank you for staying here on Earth and sharing your beautiful gifts will all of us. You are love and I appreciate you very much! ❤

      • Diego says:

        Awww,thank you for the response.Did you think that all of us come with a plan already made and all that happens in our life is perfect cause it is our creation before came in this world?And think that we can change our life plan of our superior being it is only an ilussion?

      • You can always change, Diego. I know you can! Many Blessings to you! ❤

  5. Love says:

    Hi Pod. Here are the 3:41 p.m . I think you a re right but you should love all the things and never be piss of cause it is only leave yoy to the dark side of the force,lol.You should be a jedi and not a sith. Love you all haha bye bye. 😉

    • Pod says:

      There is no dark side or light side. There is simply experience.

      Another one pretending to be spiritual, not feeling anything…..what is the point of being human with all thgese emotions if you are not allowed to feel them.

      So you are pretending to be enlightened and neverfeel pissed off. That is ego. The laugh is on you.

      • Dearest Pod, there is no ‘laugh’ on anyone here. You are judging me, the readers here and a gift I did not ask for based on ONE Writing. I have been accepting of your comments and have chosen not to delete or edit them (which I CAN do, btw) because I feel it is necessary for everyone here to have a voice and to express what they feel. I have not judged you or your comments in any way, shape or form and I would truly appreciate if you would extend the same courtesy to us here.

        This is a Writing that has been posted here as well:

        In your modern world, so many of you have successfully used your communication tools as a distraction to keep from feeling. If you feel sad, watch a funny video. If you feel angry, play an aggressive video game. If you are upset, talk to another person about anything other than what you are truly feeling.

        Instead of hiding from or masking them, it is important for you to fully embrace your emotions in whatever form they come to you. For every negative emotion you feel, once it is released, a more positive feeling will follow. It is time to stop running from them! Embrace the feelings then let them go…..and grow! ~ Creator

  6. Jennifer,

    I have followed your postings for several years now and I always find them to be loving and supportive. Like Diego, I’ve found you and your work to be an encouraging light in the darkness!

    While the messages may not be appreciated by everyone, many of us look forward to receiving them each day.

    So thank you for all you do…and just keep shining Your Beautiful Light!

    Love Always,


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  9. Enemy says:

    Don’t need to be so mad guys… both Hinduism and Gnosis talk about Lucifer’s rebellion (Shiva, in the Hindu stories), that he tried to murder the Demiurge to save us from him.

    You really think he tortured Jesus so much out of love? What about that “joke” with Abraham?

    Life is so hard because we don’t like evil… but he does.

  10. True ! Life has so many choices to offer.
    Do check out my archive and give your valuable feedback 😊

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