The Space Between

There may be times, my beloved child, when you will want to go back to a simpler, easier time.  You will long for the connections of your past and wonder why things have changed.  It may be challenging to continue moving forward out of your ‘zone’ because the new space you are in feels foreign, lonely and downright uncomfortable.  Please remember that those moments will not last forever and new connections will come in and take the place of the old.  As you exist in this in-between space know that you are not alone….you are loved beyond measure. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “The Space Between

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  2. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you ❤

  3. Weiwei says:

    It’s hard to move forward if you keep looking back.
    Live in the present.

  4. Enemy says:

    According to Freud, the opposite of love is not hate as much people would think, but indifference. And as Dawkins said once, the universe feel nothing for us other than a brutal indifference.

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