Negative To Positive

In your modern world, so many of you have successfully used your communication tools as a distraction to keep from feeling.  If you feel sad, watch a funny video.  If you feel angry, play an aggressive video game.  If you are upset, talk to another person about anything other than what you are truly feeling.

Instead of hiding from or masking them, it is important for you to fully embrace your emotions in whatever form they come to you.  For every negative emotion you feel, once it is released, a more positive feeling will follow.  It is time to stop running from them!  Embrace the feelings then let them go…..and grow! ~ Creator


14 thoughts on “Negative To Positive

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  2. honestme363 says:

    Lovely thoughts. Definitely very true.

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  4. Boudichung says:

    Love yourself more than your computer .

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