The Compassionate Heart

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is listen.  If someone is willing to open up to you about pain in their lives, it is not necessary to know exactly what is going on…..they may not be ready/willing to speak of it directly and that is their choice.  The best thing to do is hold space for them without judgement and without ‘digging for dirt’ or details.  This, my child, is the birth of a compassionate heart. ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “The Compassionate Heart

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  3. Peggy says:

    Respect and support them without interference.
    Give your silent love.

  4. Edmar Souza says:

    Today a man just ran into my motorcycle. On the way to the hospital he told me the history of his life, unemployed three years, with sequels from a heart attack, he just cannot retire because the government don’t think he is unable to work. He was just desperate about how he would pay for my motorcycle and his car damages (he has no money, and the car is for sale) and also really concerned about my health, but the truth is that this man is in really bad situation than mine. In the end I was comforting him and telling him that everything would be ok in the end.

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