24 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. m says:

    Why does it always fits, these blogs… because we are so much a a like, all of us?

  2. Bruce Morris says:

    yes I’AM BOLD today peace and love.

  3. […] – The Creator Writings Tradução – Vilma Capuano […]

  4. Roseann P. Tarantino says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. Enemy says:

    Nope, this is a nightmare, and I don’t want to create anymore of it, I just wanna to wake up… but every time I try to do it you come and but an obstacle in my way.

    But the soon you wont be able to stop me anymore.

    • Here’s a question for you……

      I am just the messenger here. Why have you chosen THIS page to vent? Just curious.

      • Enemy says:

        Is not that I choose this page exactly, I always comment on any channeling that makes me angry, and this being that you channel is probably the one that annoys me the most…

        Would like me to stop coming here? I found your website through another page that translate your channelings to portuguese, but since it was not possible to comment there, I came looking after the original channeling. It’s not my intention to disturb you or any of the other channelers who, sometimes, even felt startled by my presence.

      • Again, you do not disturb me at all. I’ve been exactly where you are now and I understand. If the posts on the blog make you angry/trigger you, why read them, why comment on them? If something annoys or angers me, I stop doing it.

        On a side note; in the healing work I do, if something triggers a person (or me when someone is working with me) it means there’s something that needs to be looked into more deeply. I’m not asking you to ‘sign up’ for anything, but to look at the trigger and see it for what it is. Just a thought….

      • Enemy says:

        Of course it annoys me, those entities are my enemies, but, ignoring the devil will not save you from it, right? Information is the best weapon we can use in this kind of situation.

        I don’t like any of those entities (except maybe a few ones, who have a more gnostic viewpoint) but I can’t deny that sometimes they have useful information or even information directed specifically to me sometimes. In the case of your entity, it usually talks to me on my birthday (unless everyone born in march 17 be in the same situation as me), not every year, but so far it never failed to do it at least once in every website of this kind.

        About triggers… I will not be around here for much longer, I’m more concerned about never coming back than about healing myself to remain here any longer.

      • In my opinion, God/Creator is not an ‘entity’.

      • Enemy says:

        I see all of them, including the creator, as some kind of life form based in light, and that somehow are not limited by time. Many sci-fi shows such as “Star Trek DS9” or the movie “Interstellar” mention this kind of interdimensional life form. I think they exist and somehow reside within us, and the creator is nothing more than their mother or father…

        I don’t know if something beyond time can actually die or not, but… I’m going to discover it pretty soon.

  6. Bruce Morris says:

    thank you peace be with you.

  7. Peggy says:

    You are the one that create your reality.
    You become what you believe.

  8. Bruce Morris says:

    it going take alot of love and peace but meanly love over come all thing.

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