Darkness Or Light

When you are walking through dark times with your arms outstretched and feeling your way to the next moment, it is important to remember that you have the ability to change the environment at any time.  I am always beside you every step of the way and I create with you.  It is solely up to you to choose darkness or light….all I am waiting for is a word from you. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “Darkness Or Light

  1. Bruce Morris says:

    i’m of the light of love and always be the light of love thank you mother/father GOD for you love for me and walk by my side and always be by my side forever and ever,i’l pary to always be light of love and keep walking in the light of love which is the light of love forever more.

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  3. Bruce Morris says:

    i’m the light and stay of light and love of light i’l remember who love me mother/father GOD is love and light of love i’l will walk in light and be light of love and kindness for all of huamkind love,
    peace and love of the light.

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