Your Earth-plane existence is not about where you live, who/what you live with or without, how much you have or do not have. It is about finding what you truly are. When you release the responsibility and obligation to BE anything, you move closer to BEing. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “BE-ing

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  3. Bruce Morris says:

    yes that true ,it also who you become and be the best you can as sons and daughters of mother/father SOURCE GOD,yes i’m start see myself as one of son of mother/father source GOD,one step at time i’l see my future and who i’m become a son of mother/father GOD i’m become the best i’l can be.i’l will become that be-ing.

  4. Pax says:

    Reblogged this on my plastic wings.

  5. George says:

    Yes , just be myself .
    I don’t need to be anything else .

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