Worthy & Deserving

To grow you will need to release the old.  The hurts, rejections, resentments, negatives, and any unrequited experiences from the past will keep you exactly where you are now.  It may be challenging letting go of the things that have provided you with safety for so long, but it can be done.  My love, release what no longer serves you!  You are worthy and deserving of receiving the best of your Earth plane existence. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “Worthy & Deserving

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    May we all learn we are abundant, beautiful, powerful & deserving this week! Namaste all/ONE

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  3. Bruce Morris says:

    yes i’l must release the old and like baby being in to new world of light and love,and true who learning to walk one step at a time and see beautiful light that i’l can become,be the best i’l can be.
    thank you,love and light.

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  5. Kris Pryosusilo says:

    What I love most about these message is the feel of authenticity. Nothing comes across as sanctimonious or holier than thou … on an instinctive level I really DO feel like I’m hearing the source that has no hidden or confused agenda. Thank you so much.

  6. Bruce Morris says:

    thank you for that the love you have show and show me to come better person and to love myself and become the best i’l can be
    mother/father GOD and brothers and sisters i’l must keep learning
    like little baby one step at a time learn to walk first and then learn how run,sometime it will a life time to master your life and love,pure love,i’m like little baby in light learning how to walk first and soon will learn how run,see light joy happiness and most of all love i’m become part of love of love and will shine.

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