19 thoughts on “Focusing

  1. jacgri says:

    Je les aime toutes mais celle-là est merveilleuse 🙂 I love them all but this one is truly special. Thanks

  2. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    Do not become so attached to the lack of whatever you need or want that you are unable to surrender it to The Universe. The answer always lies where the focus is. ~ Creator

  3. Mitch Mills says:

    I’m curious, what creator are you quoting?

  4. Boudichung says:

    Grasp all, lose all.

  5. Wang says:

    Our needs are few; our wants are many.
    –Master Sheng Yen, Buddhist monk 圣严法师, 佛教僧侣

  6. Wang says:

    In dealing with your heart’s desire, ask yourself these questions: Do I need it, or do I want it?
    Can I acquire it? Should I acquire it?
    心中燃起欲望时,问自己 :
    我能拥有吗? 我该拥有吗?

    –Master Sheng Yen, Buddhist monk 圣严法师, 佛教僧侣

  7. Wang says:

    Try to cultivate this attitude in life:
    if I can have what I want, that’s good; if I can’t, that’s fine too.
    This will help us turn our suffering into joy, and live a happier life.

    –Master Sheng Yen, Buddhist monk 圣严法师, 佛教僧侣

  8. Wang says:

    答案永远存在於你的聚焦之处. ~造物主

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