What Motivates You?

What motivates you?  Today, you are invited to take a very close look at your perceptions and how they influence your everyday decisions.  Are you motivated by chaos, fear, discomfort or loss?  Or…..are you motivated by love and joy?  Allow yourself to look at your inner patterns and programming, see what you can stand to change and change it.  Free will is yours. ~ Creator

13 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

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  3. Wang says:

    Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility.
    It teaches you to work harder. It’s also a powerful motivator.

    – Yogi Berra, Baseball manager尤吉‧贝拉 ,棒球队经理

  4. Weiwei says:

    What do you want most ? Love,happiness,health, power or money.
    They surely motivate you.

  5. Wang says:

    你是被混乱, 恐惧, 不安, 失败所驱动呢 ?
    还是…被爱和欢乐所激励呢 ?
    看看能尽量改变些甚么 .
    改变它. 你拥有自由意志~ 造物主

  6. Wang says:

    People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.

    – Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist安德鲁‧卡内基 (工业家)

  7. anda642 says:

    What Motivates You ? For me it is to be able to make a Difference in this World. From Fear to Love. From Lies to Truth. From Seperateness towards more Unity. From an Ego orientation towards more on behalf of All Humanity. From Passiveness to Action for the Highest Good of All. From Ignorance to Knowledge. From Desillusions to Making Life Worthwile. From War to Peace & Harmony. From Judgments to Acceptance. From Dreaming to Reality. From Indifference to Actively taking our Responsability as Human Beings. From Enslavement & Addictions to Freedom. From Elitism to Equality. From Suffering & Poverty to the Cocreation of a World Filled with Hope & Faith & Universal Love. Namaste

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