Many Voices

Every single thing on your Earth has a voice.  Yes, everything!  They can be soft, very slow or extremely low, some of them are high and airy and still others thrum through the ground.  Please do not fret if you cannot hear them…..yet. (Wink)  Give yourself some time, my dearest one.  Just for a few moments today, find a quiet spot and listen, truly listen.  You will be surprised! ~ Creator

15 thoughts on “Many Voices

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  2. Owen says:

    It’s wonderful to hear so many voices.
    Can you imagine a silent world ?

  3. Boudichung says:

    Now I listen intently.
    I heard a lot of voices, car, motorcycle, bird singing, chatting of somebody, water flowing ,music,wind, different hums and the voices i’m saying in my mind.

  4. Wang says:

    When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out.

    – Christy Turlington, Model克莉丝蒂‧杜灵顿 ,模特儿

  5. Wang says:

    A true leader has the confidence to stand alone,
    the courage to make tough decisions,
    and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.


    – Douglas MacArthur, General 道格拉斯‧麦克阿瑟,五星上将

  6. Wang says:

    是的, 每一件事物 !
    如果你还听不到它们… 请不要担心.
    (眨眼) 不要急, 亲爱的.
    今天就用点时间, 找个安静的地方倾听, 真正地倾听.
    它会让你感到惊讶 ! ~造物主

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    All we have to do… is listen ♥

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    So many changes happening… big changes. Strange energies akin to rollercoaster rides. Take good care to stop each day, find somewhere quiet and just listen to our beautiful Planet. Listen to what she has to say. And, as this beautiful post by Jennifer says… ‘you will be surprised’ 🙂 Thank you Jennifer ❤

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