Even in your darkest moments, if you listen closely enough, The Universe is whispering of all the good that will come from it when all is resolved.  It may be a challenging feat to accomplish, especially when the emotions have taken over, but it can be done.  Allow, trust and know that you are cared for more than you will ever know. ~ Creator

15 thoughts on “Whispering

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  2. hyavision11 says:

  3. Peggy says:

    I love to listen to the whisper from my heart .
    Sometimes,I can not tell which one is your voice,
    but I’ll think about them seriously .
    Thank You,❤ You are always with me .

  4. Owen says:

    I believe everyone is under Your protection .
    I’ll call The Universe next time when I need help .
    Thank You Father.

  5. Wang says:

    The Voice Within (内心的声音)
    Christina Aguilera ,2003(克莉丝汀‧阿奎莱拉,2003发行)

    When there’s no one else
    Look inside yourself
    And like your oldest friend just
    Trust the voice within
    Then you’ll find your strength
    That will guide your way
    You’ll learn to begin to
    Trust the voice within,
    没有其他人的时候 看向你的内在
    就像你最老的朋友 只是相信你内在的声音
    然后你会找到你的力量 它将引导你走自己的路

    Young girl don’t cry
    I’ll be right here
    When your world starts to fall,
    当你的世界开始坠落 我会在这儿

  6. Wang says:

    如果你仔细聆听,宇宙正低语着它给你的所有祝福 .
    可能有一件困难的大事要完成, 特别是当情绪掌控了你, 但它一定可以完成.
    允许, 相信並了解你被关爱远超过你所知道的.~ 造物主

  7. Wang says:

    I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers.
    And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.

    – Sylvester Stallone, Actor席维斯‧史特龙 ,演员

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