Devote time to discovering and awakening the Divine God/Goddess within. The ways of ‘the warrior’ are coming to an end. It is time to embrace your Universal gifts. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “Discovering

  1. Boudichung says:

    Yes,the spark You put into my soul in the moment of seperation.
    When I embrace it , we unite again.
    Thank You Father for Your gift . ✰

  2. George says:

    Find your inner voice and your gentle strength within . ♡

  3. Wang says:


  4. Wang says:

    Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.
    We are all the same in this notion:
    The potential for greatness lives within each of us.

    – Wilma Rudolph, Athlete威瑪‧魯道夫,運動員

  5. Wang says:

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
    the world will know peace.

    – Jimi Hendrix, Guitarist 吉米‧罕醉克斯吉它手

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