Of all the decisions you make on a daily basis, how many are based on passion? Next to love, this emotion carries with it the strongest manifestation possibilities available in your Earth-plane existence. Do everything you do with passion; it exists in pure truth. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “Passion

  1. George says:

    Be vital ,be curious, like a child .

  2. Peggy says:

    Have dreams , fearless . ✌

  3. Wang says:

    你每日所做的决定, 有多少是来自于热情? 仅次于爱, 这是你存在于世间,
    带着热情去做每件事; 它是ㄧ种纯真. ~ 造物主

  4. Wang says:

    Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.
    只有热情,伟大的热情,可以将灵魂提升至伟大的境界 .

    – Denis Diderot, French Philosopher and Writer
    丹尼斯‧狄德罗, 法国哲学家与作家

  5. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Passion-infused loving intentions~!

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