gentle waves
On transparency; this may be the easiest thing you have ever done but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging. Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength. On the days where you do not feel totally up to the challenge it is OK to remain quiet and peaceful, riding the waves as they come. Always remember, you are loved and appreciated for your courage in being one of the few that step forth first. ~ Creator

5 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. bevns says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful message ! I was thinking ‘Translucent’ seems more fitting for now, as we as a whole are not quite ready for Transparency…we are Translucent grains of sand upon a beach…some softly glimmering & some shining brightly, but a new tide is coming & the beach we see & know now will not be the same again…~ Hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend !……Bev

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