The Universe Sees…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You may see your imperfections; wrinkles, a bit of extra weight or, perhaps an unhappy or unsatisfied person. What does The Universe see?

It sees a lifetime of experience!
It sees someone who has had their share of sadness and grief and still manages to embrace and celebrate the good things.

It sees a human that has surmounted what others may call impossible challenges and came out stronger on the other end.

It sees someone that has to courage to stay on Earth regardless of the traumas you have gone through.

It sees a person that is giving, loving and growing even though, in this moment, you may feel stagnant and stalled.

It sees an amazing soul encased in a body that may not always behave or look the way you wish, but it is yours and it is wonderful.

Regardless of what you see, The Universe always has and always will see the best in you. It is time for you to begin doing the same! ~ Creator


5 thoughts on “The Universe Sees…

  1. Gayle Maynard says:

    🙏 so needed this today ♥️

  2. Peggy says:


  3. Peggy says:


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