Letting Go Of The Past

One of the most challenging things you will do as a human is letting go of things from the past. What you have gone through may have had such an impact that you do not believe you will ever be able to release them to The Universe. Even though it may feel as if you are leaving a good friend behind, it is necessary to trust that they will be taken care of for you. Once you can do this, my beloved child, you will open new avenues of growth and learning. Know that, throughout everything, you are protected and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator



12 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Past

  1. Ivey B.Stowe says:

    Love and Gratitude!

  2. Peggy says:


  3. Marek Toczylowski says:

    Even though I subscribe to Creator Writings, I stopped receiving them in the mailbox.
    Is there a reason to it ?
    Marek Toczylowski

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