Growing In Love

How long have you been sitting in the light and cursing the darkness that may or may not exist in your reality?  How often have you placed blame on circumstances and experiences in which you have participated because doing so made/makes you feel ‘safe’ and ‘in control’ of your environment?  How many times have you chosen to stay in your victim mode because it is easier than looking beyond to something different and brighter?

My darling, my love, my child; the time of change is upon you.  Whether you choose to remain static, unmoving, stubborn (smiling – ‘a favorite human attribute’) or stand up, leap into and explore the light around you will always be your choice!  Excuses for sitting still will, very shortly, no longer be a valid reason for denying the reason you are here…to grow and be in Love. ~ Creator

4 thoughts on “Growing In Love

  1. Angel Valley says:

    Reblogged this on Hartbridge – Angel Valley and commented:
    No excuses – just glow!

  2. Peggy says:

    We are here for anchoring and transmitting light.

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