Give To Yourself

Love me, approve of me, feed me and my ego, make me stronger, safer and more secure. These are statements you make to others but, rarely make to yourself. If you look within and give these things to yourself first, the rest falls into place. Do not ask something of someone that you are not willing to give yourself. ~ Creator


5 thoughts on “Give To Yourself

  1. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    “Do not ask something of someone that you are not willing to give to yourself”
    Beautiful message.. Thank you❤️

  2. Peggy says:

    Everynight before sleep,don’t forget to praise yourself for accomplishing today.

  3. Smiling doesnt really about happiness..
    Its also sometimes the bitterness you taste in your life.
    While you smile, you should know that you are strong enough to handle your so called bitterness just with a smile..
    Just cry as much as you want..
    Never show you are weak when you are with most daring person..
    Let them misunderstand you, its totally fine!!..
    Lets breathe simply..
    You have to choose yourself first, then only you can make feel , how respectful n loving towards others..
    Dont take over the weightage of blame , ignore if you can..
    Otherwise dont show any mercy ,Respect yourself first

    Its my thot ..🙂

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