Acknowledging Pain

Where is your pain hiding?  Is it behind your positive attitude?  Is it under the motivation you use to keep from thinking about it?  Is it in the dark corner of your mind where you will never have to look at it?  Do you hide it to avoid being judged?

Do not tuck the pain away!  Acknowledging it is very important in your growth process.  If ignored, it begins to take small pieces of you as a way of getting your attention like a child vying for a parent’s affections.  “Look at me, see me, feel me, talk to me”!  Take some time to honor your pain.  Just like every other part of you, it is beautiful. ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Acknowledging Pain

  1. kevinbaluha says:

    Thank You

  2. Peggy says:

    Pain makes me find you.

  3. Just Jodie says:

    Maybe not always beautiful… but realizing the need to recognize it and release it – is fully needed! And that release is necessary.

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