Let Go!

Take a breath, dear one.  Now take another.  Use this moment to think of what is truly yours and what is not.  You have taken on, and have been carrying, quite a few things that are not yours…it is time to let them go.  Let go of everything you have internalized and accepted as a part of who you are.  You define who you are, you choose what you will become, you decide what your existence will be.  Move forward knowing that you are lovingly supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

8 thoughts on “Let Go!

  1. Peggy says:

    Babies are born to breathe and smile, not fear or hate.

  2. Jandra Dee says:

    This was posted on ‘Raising vibrations’ page on Facebook by the admin/teacher of that page in a comment section (under one of the posts) and not credited.. Thought it was unfair, so just throwing it out there..

  3. Jandra Dee says:

    I did comment there as well, so maybe she will correct and give credit, so people can see and follow if they want to..

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