Kindness & Boundaries

Dearest child, there are two things that will remain vitally important in the coming weeks and months; kindness and boundaries.  The Universe knows you have been working

diligently on both to create a safe space to learn and grow…keep up the good work! (Smiling) However, they may be tested as well. 

Remember to practice kindness even if those around you choose to refrain.  The kindness you show today will always come back to you in wonderfully unexpected ways.

Maintaining your boundaries will show others that, like you, they can respect themselves and others without compromising who they choose to be.

As always, The Universe is there to support and love you through whatever comes your way. ~ Creator

4 thoughts on “Kindness & Boundaries

  1. Peggy says:

    Learn to say “no” with compassion instead of anger.

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