The In-Between Times

The Universe can tell you about upcoming shifts and changes in your world but, what happens during the in-between times?  You may spend your time waiting and forget there is a life to live, people to love and growth that needs to be accomplished. (Smiling) Your existence and how you move through it is a shift/change in progress!  The small, seemingly mundane moments are when the greatest developments occur.  Celebrate them all just as The Universe celebrates you! ~ Creator

4 thoughts on “The In-Between Times

  1. Peggy says:

    Walking your path,not waiting .

  2. Hilary Tan says:

    The universe answers my questions in really weird ways. For instance, I wondered something about someone the other day who had blocked me years ago over some petty disagreement. Logged into my account I hardly ever use to see the answer right there in my DMs, clear as day. The person messaged me out of the blue, sent me the answer out of the blue (I never asked directly), and blocked me (yet again). So weird!

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