Let It Roll

It is okay to be tired and to be tired of being tired. (Smiling) The Universe knows there is a lot on your plate right now and wants you to know how wonderfully you are handling your own personal paradigm.  Changes and emotions will happen.  Integrate what resonates with you and let those emotions roll.  These are very human qualities and you are unique to this space and time.  When things become overwhelming, just take a deep breath and ask for assistance.  It will always be there when you need it. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “Let It Roll

  1. Jennifer, thank you for the tireless consistency of your great posts! I’m sure some days are tough & some incredible, but you always come through & I believe it helps many! I try to repost the messages on Hartbridge.ca , my wordpress site & sometimes on Pinterest each day but it’s difficult & I’m not even doing the channeling… It’s been huge for me as well – THANK YOU. Dave Annis Ontario Canada

  2. Peggy says:

    Love makes you never tired.

  3. […] via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings […]

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