Give Yourself Time…

The Universe would like to remind you…again (Smiling)…that before things settle into a steady and peaceful pattern, there may be wild undulations from one side to the other.  Your Earth plane is in one of those phases now.  Rather than responding strongly to any of it, take a step back and think!  Give yourself the time to sort through the copious amount of information coming in and how it fits into your current belief system.  Will deciding now lock you into one way of thinking or will there be room for change later?  Have you observed all sides of any given situation to make an informed decision for yourself?  There has been and will be much to consider before things settle into a regular rhythm.  Take your time, dear one, there is always plenty of it. ~ Creator

6 thoughts on “Give Yourself Time…

  1. Peggy says:

    Our stubborn deep belief system usually makes us resistant and impatient.

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