Holding Space

The vibration of the Earth is moving forward so quickly that many people are having a challenging time adjusting to the frequency change.  This may present as emotional outbursts, manipulation of the ‘old system’ and/or physical violence.  As an awakened person it is not your job to attempt to fix anything, however, you do have a choice of holding space for those who are in flux and showing signs of their own forward movement.  The key word in that sentence is choice!  Checking in with yourself and assessing how you are feeling personally gives you a moment or two to make an informed decision on your level of participation.  Release the need to think of practicing self-care as selfishness; fill your own cup and the rest is for others.  You will always be loved and supported in your choices. ~ Creator

8 thoughts on “Holding Space

  1. Diego says:

    Thank you

  2. Peggy says:

    Take easy, in peace.

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