A Great Wave Of Change

Over the past few days, The Universe has shared being responsible, trusting in Divine
Timing, paying attention to your thoughts and, of course, the ever present walking your path with honesty and integrity. What is next?

Yes, you guessed it! (Smiling) Another great wave has begun washing away all that has finished serving a purpose in your life. It may feel as if you are losing what is safe and comfortable, but the Universe is showing you new and different ways to move through your existence. You have two options; hang on with every fiber of your being, remaining static and unchanging or realize that whatever change you go through is for your highest and best. As always, the choice is yours and you are supported throughout. ~ Creator


6 thoughts on “A Great Wave Of Change

  1. That’s absolute correct. The Source wave began 24 hours ago with massive downloads of Source energy and excruciating headache for me. I was informed about this wave by AM Hilarion who came to me yesterday evening. It has to do with science, he said: It will be shown that human science is one big lie. Time to change the chairs on the Titanic.

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  3. Peggy says:

    Stay in your inner peace.

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