You feel it. The Universe knows you feel it. You know The Universe knows you feel it! (Smiling) Now, what to do with it? Well, that is completely

up to you. You can use these gifts given to you in any way choose. But here are a few ideas:
Use peace and clarity to redefine what path you have chosen to travel.
Share moments of kindness with others. One act of kindness can shift a challenging situation to something positive.
Use Unconditional Love to show the people around you that it has no price tag or repayment plan.
All of these things are within your power and can make your world a better place. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “Gifts…

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  2. kevinkaz4 says:

    This is an awesome read! Thank you!

  3. IX14 says:

    The orphan child says:
    TOMORROW i LOVE you. (thank Hollywood)

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