Dearest child, it is time to fasten your seat belts yet again for more incoming energy, more changes, more shifting and more work.  The Universe knows this may be the very last thing you want to hear but, here it is.  Let it be known:

You can take it as quickly or as slowly as you choose.

You can ask for the information to be delivered in a way you can best understand.

You can stop the process at any time but, know that it will eventually need to be completed.

You are loved unconditionally, supported and admired for every step you take toward your future. ~ Creator

4 thoughts on “More…

  1. IX14 says:


    Woman have an instinctive need for the protection of everything that is vulnerable (read: the child-ren she gave birth to).
    That said means a hostile presence towards men. Then the woman sad!!!

    By the way: I consider myself to be a gentle man.

    I admire WONDERWOMAN, but they live on an island without men.
    Honestly: do you consider a man to be what?
    Honestly: do I consider a woman to be what?

    I have no answers to these questions!

    I know from experience that the sphere we human live in is not a KINDERGARTEN?

    If I am a healer, and I am really, really, really
    honest to myself, would I not need healing myself?

    There were devices promised to us, in which we can heal within a flash of a second.
    So far I still wait in patience!!!

    The woman wants to talk.
    The man wants to act.

    These are some of my considerations.

    Aloyal reader.

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