*FALL SPECIAL* – Extended to 10/5/2019

Are you ready for positive life changes, stronger manifestation abilities, clearing negative beliefs and/or beginning the process of bringing in your most compatible partner?  If you’re ready to move forward, you’re invited to take that first step!
One hour session:  $60
Half hour session:  $40
One question e-mail reading – excluding medical:  $15  each additional question – $10
~*~ Buy two one hour sessions, get one 1/2 hour session FREE ~*~
Sessions must be purchased 9/30/19 and may be used as you need them*.  Schedule times fill quickly so, contact me ASAP at jenniferfarley1@hotmail.com.

One thought on “*FALL SPECIAL* – Extended to 10/5/2019

  1. Elizabeth ONeill says:

    AM I EVER!

    Peace and love


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