Your Time

It is time to allow yourself to be more open to receiving from The Universe.  It may be in the form of messages, gifts, opportunities or connections with others.  Being able to invite and open the lines of communication will give you the chance to change your world in ways that you have not experienced before.  The first step is to listen, knowing that whatever you see/feel/hear from The Universe will always bring a positive to your life.  This is your time and The Universe is waiting. ~ Creator

6 thoughts on “Your Time

    • contramimi says:

      Each day I wake up and say my deeply felt thanks to the Universe for bringing me to the Location where I am now …. and likewiese I do it before going to Sleep –

      Thank you Father Creator and divine Mother, AA Michael and Hatonn – I am so grateful to all of you !!! Contramimi/Contramary

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