You Are Perfect

My darling child; you will be blessed with many experiences over the course of your time on your Earth plane.  Some of them may not appear to be blessings as you move through them but, blessings they are! (Smiling) With each shift, with each period of growth, comes a better understanding of who and why you are here…now…living where you are living and participating in the changing of your planet.  Past, present and future (existing all at once) are a part of who you are.  Know that you are perfect, even though you may not feel that way. ~ Creator


7 thoughts on “You Are Perfect

  1. reftbp says:

    Reblogged this on Nuggets and commented:
    Yes our challenge or ongoing quest is embracing, as well, as growing in the perfection that in truth is who we are.

  2. reftbp says:

    I appreciate this post so, much, because from to time we need to be reminded who & what really are. Reading, and meditating on this writing this morning, is for me that coffee-like awakening .

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