Be Ready…

Where is your journey taking you?  Is it toward Unconditional Love or away from it?  During this brief resting period before the next wave of change begins, The Universe is asking you to be a bit more introspective, the delve a little deeper into your daily motivations.  Are you holding onto feeling and emotions you could have let go?  Are you making a conscious effort to be a gentler person?  Are you practicing kindness and compassion?  Yes, there are hurts and traumas from your past that are like watercolors, bringing past shades and tints to the forefront of your mind…are you truly ready to finally release them?  It is time to let go of the white-hot rage, the sobbing sadness and the blackest of griefs that hold you back.  New growth is coming, The Universe wants you to be ready for it. ~ Creator


14 thoughts on “Be Ready…

  1. become1one says:

    Your ‘light’ is Bright………..keep ‘Shining”

  2. Mattias says:

    Im so sad cause of how i was treated..
    I cant stand myself cause i shate life with this vulture.. Im so sad they hijack me in Evert step.
    They want to confuses me that they are me…

    • Mattias says:

      Theyre sad impostors piggybacking on my emotional state even though they support the trauma they gave me

      • Mattias says:

        My mother and older Sister.
        They try to manopulate my social area, my emphathy/symphaty cause they know they did wrong and cant admit it and hold on to me cause they know i will turn them down. In fact I already did and trying now to break free.

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