Find Your Peace

In this moment, there are many sources telling you that going into fear is your best option.  The message being conveyed to you now is ‘beware, beware, beware’!  In this super-charged atmosphere it may be challenging to find your own way.

Here is a very basic truth – you have a choice.  You have always had a choice!  You can choose to listen to ‘the sky is falling’ side or you can choose to remain at peace.  The Universe realizes the massive changes going on right now make it very tempting to follow the path of the majority, however, it is also asking you to step back and see these things for what they really are.  Take time to quiet yourself and really listen.  The Universe has and always will speak of love.  In the midst of  chaos, find the love and, in doing so, you will also find your peace. ~ Creator

8 thoughts on “Find Your Peace

  1. CONNECTION says:

    Hi Jennifer — I’ve never written back before. I read your Creator Writings pretty much every day. Over time, I’ve developed a feeling of comfort. I appreciate the writings very much.

    It’s so interesting to read that many people are feeling pushed toward fear. When I read that, I thought how different it is for me, because I feel we’re like Dorothy and her friends in the Wizard of Oz when they finally leave the forest and are in the sunlight again.

    And then I reflected on what was written, and I realized that those who still watch the mainstream media probably are very much being pushed toward fear. I feel sad for the terrible feelings they are probably feeling. I’m so grateful it doesn’t look that way to me.

    I feel St. Germain and countless others are helping to break apart the “old order,” which intends always to create pain and as much enslavement as they can. I’m happy to see it go! I feel that what I came to earth for is finally happening. I’m so happy and relieved.

    So I just want to say thank you. The years I’ve read the Creator Writings gives me a depth of trust in the content. The messages aren’t always (like now) exactly on point for me personally, but I can see how they relate.

    So I feel you are providing a conduit with integrity and value. I appreciate it!

    much love, Sarah

    Sarah Daniels P.S. Looks like I signed up with you using my account. That’s actually a compliment, because I use that for friends & family and people I trust. 😊 I wish you (and us all) every good thing as we continue through this transformation. Thanks again for your faithful sharing of beautiful insights and commentary. ❤️


  2. Arjan says:

    How much longer, I am so tired of everything…….

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