The Opening Of A Window…

Along with the wave of incoming energy is the opening of a window.  A level of truth and transparency will be revealed to you about yourself as well as others and it may be quite shocking.  Things in your life that you felt were positive may change and show a side you never knew existed.  Do not despair, dear one!  Again, this is being done to prepare you for the changes coming at the end of your year.  This opportunity is being presented to you, so you may take stock of what you have now, what you are willing to release and what you choose to create.  This is not a ‘bad thing’…it is just another step in your journey of growth and learning.  Use it well! ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “The Opening Of A Window…

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  2. Peggy says:


  3. sdayton051 says:

    I find this to be related to something I have been reading, “Between Will and Surrender” by Margaret Duarte. I thought I would share that with everyone. I have known about Surrender before. I have experienced the Joy of Surrender and believe wholeheartedly in the different stages of Life. When we are ready…Life will support us as a stem supports a rose. We must be determined and willing to let go. Release the hold our ego maintains on this experience called LIFE.

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