Sit Back And Relax…

During the newest incoming phase of this shift, you may feel inundated with thoughts, feelings, messages to pass along and information for yourself.  Rather than being overwhelming, there is a certain peace and quiet to it.  The frenetic energy of past phases does not seem to apply here and that is a good thing! (Smiling)

The Universe is offering you a different way to process and collect all you need to know for the coming phases in a way that is softer, more gentle and easier on your human body.  All the ‘heavy lifting’ of the past has definitely paid off!  Give yourself a pat on the back, sit back and relax, dearest one…this one is on me. (Winking) ~ Creator



7 thoughts on “Sit Back And Relax…

  1. contramimi says:

    This is a most welcome message for me and for many Souls o the contemporary time. But As the past times of duality have been so difficult to overcome and to stand – all These experiences have been engraved in our heart and senses. We now have to learn to avail ourselves from the past Trauma of our past experiences and happily welcome our Creator’s advise …. to sit back and relax … and to receive all the good presents thankfully from our present changed life. Contramimi/Contramary

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