A Time Of Inclusion

A milestone has been reached, a line has been crossed and a great sigh from the collective has been released.  You have made it this far; be proud of yourself! (Smiling) The changing seasons also represent a leap forward in the current shift.  Now is the time to let go of your fears of being left behind because no one is being left behind!  Each of you is going through this at your own pace and that is how it was intended.

If you are further along in your journey; offer your wisdom and knowledge and a helping hand to those who feel they are struggling.

If you feel you are lagging behind; know you are exactly where you should be in this beautiful moment.

If you just starting your grand adventure; know that it is perfectly okay (and acceptable) to seek out and ask for assistance.

Now is not the time for ego…it is a time for inclusion and cooperation, unconditional love and acknowledgment.  Recognize your brothers and sisters for who they are knowing you are all working toward a common goal. As always, The Universe is there to guide and encourage you in a way that works in your highest and best. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “A Time Of Inclusion

  1. eliedson says:

    Gostei, e sinto essa mudança e cada um vai a seu tempo

  2. Peggy says:


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