Waiting For The Next Step

It is quiet….so quiet. All of your senses feel on ‘high alert’ in preparation for the incoming wave. You may be bored waiting for it to start. You may be impatient. Remember dearest, relax and realize that all things occur in Divine Timing. You know these quiet times are for resting and taking care of self but, in the slow moments, you may be tempted to create ‘busy’ things; distractions, dramas or chaos are just a few things you may use to get things moving along in the direction you want them to go. Trust The Universe when it say REST because, in the next wave coming, you will need all your mental, spiritual and physical strength to complete it. (Smiling) Do for you knowing you are preparing for the next big leap forward. ~ Creator


8 thoughts on “Waiting For The Next Step

  1. Hpw does one stop these new energy ezpansiom/accensions grom reaching me?
    I have too may other troubles in my life.Thank

    • Stop it? It’s world-wide and all are affected by it. You can choose to shut yourself down energetically, but you would be missing out on a LOT of growth. Blessings to you! ❤

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  3. Peggy says:

    ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

  4. Moonshee says:

    In the REST one may FEEL a Certain some thing – an irresistible sense of Love Presence……….float your boat

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