Time To Move Forward

A reminder; you decide how you feel, think, act, learn and grow!  It can be very easy to blame others for your feelings, to say they were not created within…but by some force outside yourself.  One of the most important lessons you will learn on your Earth plane is to take responsibility for them.

Yes, there may have been challenging situations in your past that may have generated those feelings for self-protection, however, during this great time of change a shift in perception is desperately needed by all.  Wearing a “victim badge” that no longer serves you will hinder your growth.

The rest periods between great leaps of consciousness are given to you for a reason; to recognize, honor and release the things you no longer need.  It is imperative that you do this!  My beautiful child, it is time to move forward!  Are you coming?! ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Time To Move Forward

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  3. gaya577 says:

    Tapasztalások mindig vannak, de kitartóan követem a célt.

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