Here is a question for you; how much drama do you, personally, create in a day?  Whether it be complaining about a co-worker or friend, bringing up resentments from the past or believe your life could be different ‘if only…” ?

This is your light bulb moment for today…you create!  You can choose to which direction you go, how to be in your every-day life and how loving you can be.  Drama is created to distract you from the task at hand, to switch your focus from doing your own inner-work and moving forward.  The Universe understands that not all drama is created by you, however, there are moments when you are given the choice to participate or not.  You can choose to stray or stay on your own path.  Allow yourself the gift of choice; be who others want you to be or be who you truly are. ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Dra-maaaa!

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  2. ericjamesaustin says:

    I have no task at hand, otherwise I would be conforming to what you want me to be and do, evidenced by this very posting.

    • Eric, there is no conformation needed. Creator is asking you to look at your thoughts and see what you see, what you create and how you choose to live. Blessings! ❤

  3. gaya577 says:

    Életünk során mindig vannak választási lehetőségek. Amikor tévedünk a választásnál, akkor jön a dráma, és a megoldásra, kijavításra mindig van esélyünk, csak élni kell vele..

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