Two Notes…

Oh, what a roller coaster of emotions you have been on these past few days!  ‘Old stuff’ is coming to the surface and bursting forth faster than you can process it and the highs are so high you feel as if you will float away!  When the not so good stuff comes, your body and soul are reacting to the release with that ‘high’ feeling, buoyant and light.    The best thing you can do for yourself in these moments is to treat yourself gently and lovingly.  Feed your body nourishing, comforting foods and take a bit of time daily to be in a quiet, non-invasive space.  The ups and down may be challenging for you to move through but, as always, The Universe knows you can do it and is supporting you.

Another noteworthy effect of this shift; some are choosing to cross over…very quickly and without prior notice.  Their souls had a deep knowledge of this event and made the choice to participate in this shift in a much different way.  It may be very painful for those of you left on your Earth plane but know that your friends and loved ones are helping and supporting you just as The Universe is.  They and their amazing gifts will be guiding you as you continue to grow and learn here. ~ Creator


10 thoughts on “Two Notes…

  1. katjamilants says:

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  2. So, Now what? Doe’s this mean that we didn’t make it? and, better luck next time! You refer to the ones crossing over are now happy to see & meet and their friends, and we will be guided by their gift as we continue to grow? To me this new statement sounds like a giant Ah’ D’ O’s, better luck next world!

    • No, not at all, Alan. SOME have chosen to cross over instead of stick around for some of the challenging work like we have. Each of us is important and chose a different path and each path is beautiful. ❤

  3. Janet Mowrey says:

    I was happy to see the entire message in the email instead of having to “QuickLook” to see it.

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