Listen To Your Gut

Another gentle reminder; it is very important to remember that your thoughts and feelings play a very important part in your time on your Earth plane.  With that being said, an almost infinite amount of information at your fingertips and you can study the ongoing shift from many different perspectives.  Each will have their own take on what is going on…whether it be positive, negative or somewhere in between.  You are being invited to view each with your heart and a discerning eye.  If you feel what you are reading is fear-based, move on to another course of study.  If what you are reading resonates with you, then stick with it.  If Unconditional Love is a main part of your ‘operating system’, your gut will always guide you to what is best for you. ~ Creator


7 thoughts on “Listen To Your Gut

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  2. ellion says:

    Great post today! Widening out is always a plus (in the metaphysical world anyway). The old axiom that “knowledge is power” simply means understanding. That way at least one can know what lies ahead, even if it is fearful. “Ignor”ance is never a good choice is it?

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