The Small Things…

There have been many big moments over the past few months that have changed your perceptions, ‘knocked your socks off’ and turned your particular world upside down.  But…have you taken the time to notice the small things?  Those brief moments of beauty and caring, the fleeting smiles, the kind words and works, the joyful feelings?

The Universe would like to remind you that not everything will arrive with a huge bang. (Smiling) Most of what is occurring is small and subtle.  Once you realize this, your view of this shift will change completely. ~ Creator


5 thoughts on “The Small Things…

  1. oh, I did..
    was it worth it?
    do you really want a honest answer?

    it s like sharing same emotion for creator and for ex-wife who has done to you… well it just have hurts, lots of them awkward but one wants to null anything that was good in it not to ruin perfect tragedy, or trying to put peacock turf all over for it not to look so hellish as it may appear.

    so you end up loving but not wanting to see them again ever, then they try to care and cry over spilled milk and ask for like hundredth chance, and you are so over it, so closing cycles, so wish them good luck although not wanting to have anything to do with their “”luck

    if there weren’t for small things, like woodpecker dancing all over the wood, or little bird nesting in my window crack trough harsh winter. Crack that was supposed to be sealed in the autumn and window changed and was pushing myself to doit, but didn’t and was hating myself for it, but as soon as new occupant arrived was thrilled that crack was still there

    soo, it s messy, like not being in control nor wanting any sort of control, but absence of control somehow proteges past cycles so most of the time there is plain no as answer to most anything, some sort of waiting for God knows what it is that we are waiting, to get what we need because not like we ever got what we wanted, in this place.. (thats just bitter sour me, for many things I was really privileged but we never share that side of story do we?)

    ah control.. like as if we controlled anything anyhow, illusion per-se (as experience) and utter lie, as we know and find culprits within self embedded or ingrained or just accepted as is, and we wander between understanding much more than our specie specimens but confused even much more of being alone in our in-complete understanding.

    questions which get answers which product questions, getting to know versus trying to remember vs attaching to changeable vs letting go

    so, small things, right, bring it on, I will notice, thats seams like mostly all I do lately, noticing, change of climate, moving of flora in fauna, clouds, sun and stars, because human affairs, these nasty occurrences of intelligent subconscious are sort of worth omitting mostly because of lets face it aint a pretty picture

    so with some going to nature, some meditation and whole lot of get busy one might get trough all of this mess without getting average humanoid crazy, which is a lot of craziness in such a small egoistic pack

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