Embrace Anticipation

During this time of change, you may have things you were counting on suddenly dissipate into the ether.  The direction in which you were planning to move is now gone and another pathway has appeared.  The door is open, but you cannot quite see what is there…yet. (Smiling) My darling, it is OK to express your disappointment of what was to be, just make sure it is properly released.  It is OK to feel a bit of trepidation for what is come…that is perfectly right and human, just make sure this does not develop into a fear.  That will stop your growth.  Instead, embrace anticipation!  The Universe has some amazing and wonderful gifts in store for you! ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “Embrace Anticipation

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  3. cmritchie says:

    No no no turn things backCannot go forward 

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