Undoubtedly, you have heard of the upcoming ‘event’ and the changes it will bring.  Many of the thoughts being put out to your world are interesting, postulating finite numbers of those that will be affected or ‘allowed’ to move forward, those that will not…a very rapture like scenario.  The Universe would like you to know that all is full of love!  Regardless of who you are, what you are doing or who you choose to be with, this new change will be of love!  Fear-based thinking is the old way.  Lighten your heart and know that you are loved, protected and safe during this moment of change. ~ Creator

12 thoughts on “Safe

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    Positive thinking creates positive results.

  2. I appreciate all the positiveness in your writing, don’t consider me negative please but this “have heard before”.. of course I don’t mind if the worst among us be blessed with same as best among us, perhaps with that they stop being cause of so much suffering. like sun was shining and rain was coming for good and evil I see no problem with creator not dividing creation, although from years in hellish pits and being abused for kindness combined with spiritual path, well there are benefits although losing most anything else and any kind of comfort seams like far fetched idea and remembrance of it s occurrences sort of lost in memory. I d rather not write life story here, nor came to portray as victim, nor I feel sorry for myself if I had I would probably do all the same again with knowing what was the cost same as when didn’t. but please just refrain from crying wolf, I will kind of believe it when see it because all of the believing didn’t materialize, like ever..

    and on side not don’t also take me as not grateful, this world is a miracle in itself, be it 3 or 5 or whatever D, heaven that for some reason was left with devil in charge.

    • Dearest Marijan, I appreciate your comment and understand where you’re coming from. I, myself, had a VERY challenging past as well. In my personal opinion, the challenges I experienced made me what I am today. I CHOOSE to be safe and loved. You can make that choice as well. Again, thank you for your beautiful words. Many blessings to you! Jennifer ❤

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