Coming To Earth

Against all odds, against calmer judgement and infinite wisdom, you are here!  Your rebellious, old soul ached for a challenge.  Yes, your work on the other side was important, it mattered and made a difference.  But you craved something new, stunning, a little crazy and lot of fun so, you chose your Earth plane!  You did not come here alone, you have friends at home that are looking out for you, calling to you through the ether to check on you from time to time.  You have family that shake their heads at you sometimes and laughs along with you at others.  Even though they miss you, they fully understand why you had to be there now!  Your wisdom, strength and light are helping to usher in a New Age (an overused term, I know) and a higher vibration.  Be proud of yourselves, old souls, The Universe and your family most certainly are! ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “Coming To Earth

  1. Equilibrio says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful feelings.
    I am inspired by your writings

  2. Gayle Maynard says:

    The perfect message . Reminder . Thank You

    Sent from my iPhone


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